Raising Resilient Teenagers

A Parents Guide to Teenage Self-Esteem & Resilience

Today's teenagers are increasingly unable to cope with life's challenges and are struggling with poor self image and low confidence as a result.

 Unfortunately many parents who are confused and anxious about how to help their teen, some even unknowingly adopt parenting strategies that make things worse rather than better.

Raising Resilient Teenagers is written to take the anxiety out of parenting teens who struggle with self-esteem and resilience.  Discover how you can start improving your teenager's self-esteem and  give them the resilience to bounce back from whatever life throws at them.





If you're the parent of a teenager who has low self-esteem, struggles to socialise, lacks confidence, or fails to cope well with disappointment, you know how frustrating and hopeless it can feel. You've tried everything; praising them, offering rewards (bribery), trying the gently-gently approach followed by the stern tough love approach, giving them some space, micro managing, but nothing you try seems to work.
It can be exhausting  worrying about what will become of your teenager every time you look at him or her. The endless frustration of watching them fall short of their potential, can leave you at your wits end. Perhaps, like many parents, you have given up and  just hope your teenager will grow out of it.
Trying to instill self-belief and motivate a reluctant teen can leave even the most driven and optimistic parent feeling helpless and despairing of their child's future.
Poor self-esteem and low levels of resilience are increasingly common in today's teenagers. Teens who struggle with self-esteem and resilience have an increased likelihood of making harmful choices, are more susceptible to negative peer influences, and exhibit a greater tendency to lash out when things don't go as they would like.
No parent intends for their teenager to suffer from a negative self image or poor coping skills, and most try to intervene but just don't know how to turn their teen's attitude and outlook around. If you are one of those parents who wants to help your teen, but not sure how to go about it, then Raising Resilient Teenagers could be just what you need.












Raising Resilient  Teenagers is written specifically to give parents the knowledge and skills required to improve their teenager's self-esteem and resilience.  Instead of  living with the frustration and anxiety, learn what you can do to boost your teenagers confidence and resolve.
Unfortunately too many parents live with the misconception that there is nothing they can do, or they think the only alternative is expensive specialist intervention from psychologists or doctors. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a parent you have more impact on your child’s self-esteem and resilience than anybody else.
With the right information and skills any parent can affect a positive change in how their kids see themselves and the world. Imagine looking at your teenager and feeling excited for them and not worried about them. Or seeing your teen pick themselves up and get on with life after a setback instead of  hiding from the world.
That is why Raising Resilient Teenagers was written, to help parents improve their teenager’s life.  You don’t need any special qualification or life experience. You just need to be committed to your teenager and willing to implement what you learn.
Maybe you’ve heard self-esteem is very complex to understand and therefore believe there is little you can do. Indeed self-esteem is a very complex subject, and volumes have been written on it, but knowing how parents influence and shape their kids esteem is well established.  Raising Resilient Teenagers breaks down the essential information and explains in simple language how parents can help their teens gain a healthy and accurate view of who they are and what they can do.
Ever wonder why some kids seem to be able to handle anything, while others go pieces at the slightest challenge? It isn’t genetics, or luck. Resilience is the combination of acquired characteristics, all of which can be learned. Raising Resilient Teenagers shows you what your teenager needs, and leads you step by step through how to assist your teen develop a truly resilient character.
You don’t have to keep watching on helplessly as your teenager misses out on some of the best years of their life. You can take action today and start to see your teenager thrive.

Key Things You Will Learn

How Self Esteem Works in Teenagers

Learn what really makes a positive and negative difference to a teenager’s self-esteem, and why it can be so hard for them to change how they see themselves.  Understand the do’s and don’ts of  helping your teen see themselves in a more positive light.

Creating a Confidence Building Home

Create a home environment that builds your teenager’s confidence and self-worth. Discover the simple, easy to implement routines and rituals that can make the world of difference to how your teenager thinks of about who they are and what they can achieve.

Parenting Styles That Help & Hinder Resilience

Find out what common parenting practices actually undermine teenage resilience (you might be surprised.) Hone your own parenting techniques and learn strategies to help you improve your teenager’s ability to deal with disappointment and take on challenges.

Help Your Teen Manage Relationships

Learn how key relationships in your teenager’s life contribute to their self-worth and resilience, and get equipped to coach your teen in forming and maintaining  healthy relationships that positively impact their lives.

3 Essentials for Teenage Resilience

Discover the 3 key factors widely acknowledge as being essential for resilience development in young people.  Then follow the  Step-by-Step outline of how to actively build your teenager’s capacity to take on challenges and bounce back from hardship and disappointment.

Teenage Problem Solving Techniques

Teach your teenager sound problem solving techniques and strategies for dealing with everyday life.  These skills empower your teen to be responsible and pro-active in managing their own issues with confidence.


That is just a small sample of what you can learn and the difference you can make. There is loads more to discover. Read on below to see what else is inside.


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Outlines the importance parents play in the development of self-esteem and resilience in teenagers. Also demonstrates the relationship between self-esteem and resilience.

Chapter 1. Understanding Self-Esteem

An overview of what self-esteem is. Describes how self-esteem is formed in individuals and how it impacts on various aspects of person’s life.

Chapter 2. Self-esteem & Adolescence

A look at how the process of adolescence impacts a person’s self-esteem. This chapter examines the main challenges the teenage years present to self-esteem and how the outcomes can be different between males and females.

Chapter 3. Monitoring Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Provides a guide about what to look for when evaluating your teenager’s self-esteem.

Chapter 4. Parents, Relationships, & Self-Esteem

A detailed breakdown of how various relationships affect teenage self-esteem and what parents can do to help teenagers manage those relationships.

Chapter 5. Creating ‘Healthy Homes’

What parents can do to make their home a place where teenager’s gain confidence about who they are and what they can achieve.

Chapter 6. Parenting Practices To Avoid

Identifies common parenting practices that can damage teenage self-esteem and discusses how to avoid these behaviours.

Chapter 7. Building Resilience

An overview of what resilience is and how it develops during the teenage years. This chapter focuses on what parents can do to help teen’s develop resilience.

Chapter 8. The Shape of Resilient Teenagers

A review of what resilient teenagers have in common and how to be proactive in providing these for your teenager.

Chapter 9. How Parents Undermine Resilience

Identifies common parenting practices that hinder the development of resilience in teenagers.

Chapter 10. Digging DEEPER: Learning Resilience

Provides a detailed step-by-step method for teaching teens the skills and attitudes required to become more resilient.

Chapter 11. What to Do When…

Applies the strategies and methods in the book to common issues many teenagers face today.

Chapter 12. Where to From Here?

Provides some guidance on moving forward and maintaining momentum in the parenting for resilience journey

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About the Author

Pict RoundChris Hudson (M Ed) is a coach, speaker and trainer specialising in helping adults help teenagers.

As a former youth worker, Chris saw first hand the massive difference a dedicated and equipped adult can make in a teenagers life.  Convinced that the best way to help teenagers is to help the adults who live and work with them he started Understanding Teenagers, a service dedicated to equipping adults to make a positive difference in the lives of teenagers.

Chris brings over 20 years experience working with, studying, and writing about what makes teenagers tick to his latest book Raising Resilient Teenagers, to address what he sees as a growing issue for modern teenagers, a lack of self-esteem and resilience.

Chris lives on the south coast of NSW Australia and can be found hanging out with his wife and 3 kids - when not at his computer writing.




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But anyone can say anything on the internet. So with that in mind, we are taking all the risk away from you purchasing a copy of Raising Resilient Teenagers.
If after reading through the book and making a real attempt to improve your teenager's self-esteem and resilience, you are not seeing the changes you expected, tell us within 60 days and you will be refunded 100% of your money back, guaranteed, no questions, no hassle, no strings!

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