Turns Your Book into a Course

Turn you eBook into your own personal parenting course. The Companion Workbook is included free with all Kindle, ePub, & PDF versions.

Exercises & Questions

The workbook contains exercises and questions for every chapter of Raising Resilient Teenagers to help you make the most of what you learn.

Tools For Your Teenager

Contains numerous templates and outlines you can use with your teenager

Get Focused

Focus in on key areas of specific to your teenager’s issues and your parenting development

How Self Esteem Works in Teenagers

Learn what really makes a positive and negative difference to a teenager’s self-esteem, and why it can be so hard for them to change how they see themselves.  Understand the do’s and don’ts of  helping your teen see themselves in a more positive light.

Creating a Confidence Building Home

Create a home environment that builds your teenager’s confidence and self-worth. Discover the simple, easy to implement routines and rituals that can make the world of difference to how your teenager thinks of about who they are and what they can achieve.

Parenting Styles That Help & Hinder Resilience

Find out what common parenting practices actually undermine teenage resilience (you might be surprised.) Hone your own parenting techniques and learn strategies to help you improve your teenager’s ability to deal with disappointment and take on challenges.

Help Your Teen Manage Relationships

Learn how key relationships in your teenager’s life contribute to their self-worth and resilience, and get equipped to coach your teen in forming and maintaining  healthy relationships that positively impact their lives.

3 Essentials for Teenage Resilience

Discover the 3 key factors widely acknowledge as being essential for resilience development in young people.  Then follow the  Step-by-Step outline of how to actively build your teenager’s capacity to take on challenges and bounce back from hardship and disappointment.

Teenage Problem Solving Techniques

Teach your teenager sound problem solving techniques and strategies for dealing with everyday life.  These skills empower your teen to be responsible and pro-active in managing their own issues with confidence.